The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme (ADAPP)

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Programme (ADAPP) is responsible for the dissemination of information regarding the consequences of using alcohol and other psychoactive substances, to the population of Tobago. It is therefore mandated to deliver substance abuse prevention awareness at schools and at the community level with a focus on education and training.

What are the aims of ADAPP?

1) To create an atmosphere of non-tolerance towards substance/drug abuse by:

- Empowering communities to undertake effective demand reduction activities and develop ADAPP'S capability to collaborate more closely with these communities.

- Facilitating the establishment and implementation of policies by Governmental agencies and NGO's that complement the objectives of ADAPP.

2) To promote a drug-free culture in the workplace by:

- Developing alcohol and drug policy guidelines for the workplace including the promotion of alcohol and drug prevention programmes.

3) Encourage alternatives to the use and trafficking of licit and illicit drugs as well as involvement in crime.

4) To establish a Drug Abuse Prevention Resource Bank.

Who can ADAPP help?

- Children (especially street children)

- Youth

- Parents

- Sexually active young adults

- Pregnant women

- Homeless adults

- Prisoners

- Athletes

What services does ADAPP deliver?

  • Initial Screening/Assessment

This service assists persons in appropriately identifying their level of substance use as; social use, abuse, or dependence. The screening may include a referral for a drug test and serves to guide the client in making the best decision for treatment.

  • Counselling

Experienced substance abuse counsellors are available to provide counselling to individuals, families, or in a small group setting.

  • Referral Services

ADAPP facilitates referrals of substance abusing persons for detoxification services, residential treatment, drug testing and other counselling services.

  • Public/Community Drug Prevention Education

This service is designed to promote, among the population, positive messages leading to the adoption of healthy drug-free lifestyles. This is accomplished through:

1. Education sessions for community groups

2. Street level outreach

3. Art and Drama

4. An information resource centre (available to the public)

5. Information booths at community events

6. Monthly substance abuse prevention education sessions at all health centres

  • School Based Drug Prevention Activities

Upon request, ADAPP staff facilitates for schools, activities which serve to strengthen self esteem and promote healthy drug-free lifestyles for students.

How do I access the services?

- Walk In

- Telephone

- Referral

- Letter

How can I contact ADAPP?

For further information, you can click here to contact ADAPP of the Department of Social Services.