Golden Age and Golden Apple

What is the Golden Age and Golden Apple Programme?

In Trinidad and Tobago the elderly population is increasingly becoming a major component of society that demands special attention.

Traditionally the needs of the elderly have been provided through their family members and institutional care.

Today the erosion of the extended family and the increase in population of older persons place greater responsibility for care of the incapacitated on available family members. At the same time few family members are equipped to handle the task.

The "GOLDEN APPLE" is therefore established to attempt to upgrade the quality of the care of older persons in their homes/ communities.

Elderly and incapacitated citizens living in Tobago now have access to the Golden Age Programme and Long Term care for the elderly (Golden Apple)

An assessment into the immediate needs of the elderly or incapacitated is required to be granted this service.

What are the objectives of the programme?

  • To provide community based home care and placement services to older persons
  • To promote community care for the elderly in Tobago

How can I get access to the programme?

  • Walk in,
  • Telephone
  • Referral or Letter

With any one of the initial contacts a member of staff will speak with you or visit you and make an assessment.

The assessment is done to determine all the support services needed by the elderly or incapacitated.


What are the services and support offered by the programme?

*  Assist with bathing (bed bath, showers and sponge bath)

*  Assist with shampoo

*  Oral Hygiene

*  Foot Soaks

*  Back Massage

*  Nail filing and shaving

*  Provide incontinence care including changing of diapers

*  Assist with transfers such as bed to wheelchair

*  Assist with walking including cane and walker

*  Assist with physical exercise, as prescribed by a physical therapist

*  Assist or remind client to take medications

*  Provide socialization

*  Check home for safety

*  Keep clients' immediate surrounding clean

*  Filling medicine trays

*  Arm, leg and hand exercise


Where can I get further information?

You can contact the Department of Social Services for further information.