Senior Citizens Activity Centres

Objective of Senior Centres

Senior Citizens Centres are designed to provide the necessary physical, social and mental stimulation, and support mechanisms to enable older persons to remain active and healthy.

Senior Citizens activity centres will be multi-service facilities where older persons can come together for educational and recreational activities that enhance their independence and encourage their involvement in and with their communities. The Division of Health and Social Services through the Ageing Unit will partner with Non-Governmental Organizations to operate Senior Activity Centres.

What are the benefits of Senior Citizens Centres?

• Provide older persons with an environment in which they can interact with their peers

• Allow older persons to get involved in activities in which they have interests

• Provide recreational activities and educational programmes

• Foster a sense of self-worth and dignity among older persons

• Facilitate intergenerational relationships thus providing mentorship opportunities

• Encourage older persons to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives in their communities

What activities are there at the Senior Citizens Centres?

• Fitness and Exercise

• Lectures on Health and Nutrition

• Educational (e.g. computer Literacy and software programmes)

• Recreational (e.g. field trips and outing), social and cultural activities

• Creative Arts and Craft

• Cooking and gardening

• Volunteer activities

• Visits – from school students whose schools are situated in the vicinity of the specific centre

Who can use the Senior Citizens Activity Centres?

• Healthy Older Persons aged 55 years and over

• Eligible retirees

• Active older persons who desire to interact with their peers

• Skilled older persons who are interested in acting as mentors

• Students and young persons who wish to interact with and gain from the knowledge and experiences of older persons

• Volunteers who wish to assist in the programme

Where are the Senior Citizens Centres in Tobago?

Scarborough Senior Citizens Activity Centre

#47 Rockly Vale




Canaan/Bon Accord Senior Citizens Activity Centre

#44 White Walk Bon Accord Development

Bon Accord



Where can I get further information?

You can contact the Department of Social Services for more information.