Community Mediation
8 Persons Graduate from Anger Management Workshop

Boxing gloves and a punching bag, one of the activities used in the Anger Management Workshop.

The Community Mediation Unit, of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, held a graduation ceremony for eight persons who participated in an eight-week long Anger Management Workshop. The ceremony was held at the Community Mediation Centre, #16 Bagatelle Trace, Bagatelle Branch Road #1 on Thursday 19th December, 2019.

Community Mediation Centre Celebrates International Day of Peace

Happy International Day of Peace! Students of Pembroke AC and staff of the Community Mediation Centre jubilant after engaging in a peace building, craft activity.

Each year, International Day of Peace is observed worldwide on 21st September, a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. This year the Community Mediation Centre celebrated International Day of Peace on Friday 20th September, 2019 by teaching pre and primary school children about peacebuilding. The four schools visited included: Calisa’s Preschool, Whim Anglican Primary School, Scarborough Methodist Primary School and Pembroke Anglican Primary School.

Community Mediation offers training at THTI

Ms. Devika Sammy, Mediator at the Division delivering her presentation

The Community Mediation Unit, of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, offered a training session and presentation on Conflict Management and Communication for the staff of the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) on Thursday 28th June, 2018, at the institute's location in Blenheim.

Some of the topics covered were: How to deal with conflict in the workplace; Communication that does not escalate conflict; and Stress in the workplace.

Ms. Devika Sammy, Certified Mediator, MDTT, Family Civil & Non Family Civil Matters urged the public to take full use of the services at the Community Mediation Unit. She added, "Mediation and conflict resolution is available to the public free of charge at the Centre from Monday to Friday 8.00 - 4.00 pm. One can walk in and speak with the Intake Officer."

The Community Mediation Unit is located at #16 Bagatelle Trace, Bagatelle Branch Road #1, Calder Hall and can be contacted at 635-0237 OR 660-7709. You can also click the link ▼ for more information

HOU's receive training in Mediation

Heads of Units of the Division during the Mediation training

Mediation can resolve many issues amicably out of court. This according to Ms. Devika Sammy, Mediator at the Community Mediation Unit, Division of Health Wellness and Family Development (DHWFD). “Many people look to the court as the final place to settle issues but with mediation skills, you could be saved the hassle and financial burden of the court system. Ms. Sammy shared this information with all Heads of Department of the Division at a Mediation training session on Thursday 4th May, 2017 at the Division’s Conference Room, Glen Road. Ms Sammy and her team educated Heads on recognizing conflicts in the workplace and understanding the usefulness of conflict management in the work place and other social settings.

Ms. Sammy said “mediation is useful because it is a less hostile way of mutually settling a disagreement.” She explained that in mediation, a third party is engaged to assist two disputing parties to resolve their dispute and work towards a mutually agreeable settlement. She stressed “when persons go to the court, the court makes the decision but with mediation, both disputing parties make the decision. She added “in most times, mediation is a win-win situation, it is free of charge and there is no cost to disputing parties”.

Ms. Sammy explained that managers and supervisors must possess mediation skills to deal with issues within the office. She said “when there is a conflict, the mediator must be impartial, an excellent listener and speak in a non-accusatory manner.” Additionally, she said that the physical setup and space for disputing parties must be the same e.g. same chair type, same height etc. Ms. Sammy used videos and examples of disputes within the workplace and other social settings to explain how to approach mediating those issues.

The Mediation team also utilized the expertise of Mr. Samuel Lewis, former Mediator at the Community Mediation Unit to share information. Mr. Lewis added “conflicts are good and when mediated, persons get to let others know about their grievances.” He added that mediation brings out the truth and presents the opportunity to forge new, lasting relationships when the issues are resolved. Mr. Lewis added “if an issue is amicably settled but not working for some reason, persons can return to mediation to generate a workable, mutually agreeable solution.” He concluded “mediation does not allows work though and this is when the courts may need to get involved…however, it can work in most civil and family cases”.

Members of the public can access the free service of mediation by contacting the office or via walk in. The Community Mediation Unit resolves disputes including but not limited to:

  • Landlord/tenants, merchants/consumers, small claims, threat and harassment problems, neighbourhood conflicts, family relationship disputes, community disputes and juvenile conflicts.