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Message from the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development World Social Work Day 2019

This year's theme

Today on World Social Work Day (WSWD), the Division joins the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and social workers worldwide to celebrate the remarkable work and dedication of social workers and raise awareness of the importance and positive impact of their work, which has transformed the lives of many persons. WSWD was launched by the IFSW in 1983 and is celebrated on the third Tuesday of March annually. This year WSWD is being celebrated on 19th March 2019 under the theme “Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships.”


The social workers from our Community Social Services Unit (CSSU) under Division of Health Wellness and Family Development work daily to promote this theme. The Unit provides a supportive environment to empower clients to successfully resolve individual, group and family difficulties. Throughout this process, social workers nurture healthy relationships amongst clients, their families and communities through intervention, counselling, networking, goal setting and other techniques.


Further, the Unit strives to enhance the quality of life for clients by reducing major threats to the social well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged persons and through increased access to an effective social services delivery system.


Social workers worldwide continue to be guided by ethical codes, such as confidentiality, client right to self-determination, clients’ values and many more, which are at the forefront of social work practice. Our social workers conveniently function at the health, community, multipurpose and outreach centres throughout the Island, to ensure individuals, families and groups are met in within their communities. Reach out to a social worker in your area to access:

  • Therapeutic Counselling for individuals, groups and families.
  • Emergency Relief Support (fire, flood, Domestic Violence)
  • General Assistance (only applicable to vulnerable persons.)
  1. oHousehold assistance and items, Rental assistance, Medical assistance, Mobility assistance (wheel chair, walker, crutches), Funeral grant, Building materials, Eye Glasses, School supplies and Clothing assistance
  • Inter/intra networking and collaboration of services.
  • Interventions for children, families and abused persons in collaboration with the Children’s Authority, Police and other stakeholders.
  • Educational sessions to parents and community groups.


You can also Contact the Community Social Services Unit at 639-3395 ext 47210.


Happy World Social Work Day to all social workers. Continue excelling and impacting our communities through your outstanding work!

Social Workers' Schedule for May 2018

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development brings the services of the Community Social Services Unit closer to you through the various Health Centres and Community Centres in the different districts throughout Tobago. Click to view the schedule for the Community Social Worker (CSW) or Social Services Assistant (SSA) in your district for the month of May 2018. Save the date and meet the CSW or SSA in your area!


CSSU observes World Social Work day 2017

Mr. Haniff Benjamin (centre) and Social Workers based in Tobago

We need to work together to improve the impact of our profession on persons in the community. This according to Mr. Hanif Benjamin, former President of the Trinidad and Tobago Social Work Association (TTSWA) and President of the Centre for Human Development. Mr. Benjamin was the Feature Speaker at a ceremony held in observance of World Social Work Day by the Community Social Services Unit (CSSU) of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development (DHWFD) in collaboration with the Social Work Association of Trinidad and Tobago. The ceremony was held at the Lecture Room, Scarborough General Hospital on Thursday 23rd March, 2017 under the universal theme ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’. World Social Work Day is celebrated annually on 21st March.
Mr. Benjamin shared “social work is a multidisciplinary field and we need to work as a team to ensure families receive what they need”. Mr. Benjamin focussed on the need for strong collaboration amongst all the stakeholders to ensure resources are well utilized, to provide maximum impact to the vulnerable persons in our community. “We are the glue that keeps broken families together…we make the necessary referrals to persons who can help if we cannot”. Mr. Benjamin encouraged all social workers to take pride in their jobs because by the nature of their operations, it is the only job that ties in with in every other profession in some way. He further implored social workers to continually improve their social work skills by investing in furthering their education and by operating professionally or privately in the communities. He said “though text books are relevant to acquiring knowledge, the best source of knowledge as social workers will be in our communities.”
Ms. Donnalyn Harry, Senior Social Worker at CSSU in her opening remarks continued to encourage social workers to remain committed to their tasks though there are many challenges. “We work extremely hard to improve people’s lives though sometimes there is no appreciation” she said. Ms. Afi London, President of TTSWA (Tobago Chapter) and Social Worker at DHWFD in her remarks outlined the various ways social workers operate, sometimes beyond the call of duty, to touch people’s lives.
The ceremony was opened to social workers, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations and associated professions in other Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly. 

The Biggest Loser Challenge

The presenter giving details about different body types.
The Community Social Services Unit (CSSU) recently launched the Biggest Loser Challenge at the Division's Head Office on Friday 10th April, 2015 which was opened to the employees of the Division of Health and Social Services. This challenge is the first stage of a 12 month initiative that will monitor the journey of persons interested in changing their eating habits over a 3 month period commencing March 7th and ending June 22nd 2015. This change will be monitired by certified nutritionists and a health care team, who will conduct weigh-ins as well as inform and educate registered persons on proper dieting and eating as well as monitor BMIs.

The aim of the challenge is to promote a healthier lifestyle whilst promoting social cohesion. This challenge should no way promote unhealthy practices like binging and purging, but was created not only to encourage fun ways to exercise and reach a healthy weight loss, but also encourage staff members to adhere to and maintain these healhty life-long habits.

We are encouraging you to make a personal commitment to learn your healthy BMI (body mass index) range as well as changes towards a more nutritious diet and adopt daily routine exercise of one hour or more for a healthy weight loss.