Programme for Adolescent Mothers

What is the Programme for Adolescent Mothers?

Programme Coordinator, Mrs Sonia Whitlock and some of the mothersProgramme Coordinator, Mrs Sonia Whitlock and some of the mothersThe Programme for Adolescent Mothers is a developmental programme under the Children and Family Services unit. It was established to attain sustainable human and social development, to provide the necessary support systems for adolescent mothers, and to prevent increased burdens in areas of medical health and other social services areas.

The Programme will also focus on the major reproductive health and rights issues affecting adolescents in light of government's obligations contained in the Children's Convention. Certain issues will be targeted such as Education, Contraception, Sexual Violence, HIV/AIDS, Abortion and Reproductive Health.

What are the Aims of this Unit?

• To continue the academic education of young mothers 19 years and under, return them to the normal school system, and provide any necessary support services after their return to school

• To provide intensive counselling in Life Management and Parenting Education

• To partnership with Government / Non Governmental Organizations, the Private Sector and Stakeholders that enable solutions which transcend traditional agency boundaries

• To provide skills training for mothers who cannot return to school

• To educate young mothers, and fathers to their responsibilities, ensuring that appropriate child care standards are maintained

What is offered?

1. Life Management and Parenting education

 Life Management:

o Self Esteem

o Conflict Resolution

o Family Planning

o Decision Making

o Managing Skills

o Critical Thinking

2. Training for caregivers of infants, toddlers and also adolescent mothers.

3. Technical Skills Programme

o Food and Nutrition

o Hospitality Arts

o Basic Computer Literacy

o Cosmetology

o Literacy

What Services Are Offered?

• Academic and Vocational Training

• Day-care Centre

• Counselling individuals, groups and families

• Linking with Government/Non-Government Organisations

• Networking with Government and Private Stakeholders

• Visits to Offices, Homes, Schools and Communities

Some of the teenagers in a manicuring sessionSome of the teenagers in a manicuring sessionWho can visit the Unit?

• Adolescent Mothers age 19 and under

• Persons seeking advice

• Persons acting on behalf of others who they feel may need assistance


Where can I get further information?

For further information, please contact the Children and Family Services Unit of the Department of Social Services.