The Probation Unit

This unit provides a unique level of service to the Magistrates' and Supreme Courts in Tobago, as well as the Family Court in Trinidad. Its mandate is to manage applications in criminal and other matters based on the recommendation of the Court system. Magistrates and Judges request Probation Officers' reports in order to assist the Court in making informed decisions in matters before them.

What are the aims of the Probation Unit?

- To protect the public's interest and safety by reducing the incidence and impact of crime through probationers.

- To provide counselling for clients.

- To bring relief to families.

- To promote the rehabilitation of offenders and victims, as well as dysfunctional families, through relevant education, research and advocacy.

Who can the Probation unit help?

All social classes inclusive of:

- The abused child

- The neglected

- The abandoned

- Children in need of care and supervision

- Children who need school placements

- Anyone wanting custody or access to a child

- Anyone requiring financial support from father/husband

- Anyone subject to spousal abuse

What services does the Probation unit deliver?

Probation Hostel


How do I access the services?

- Referrals through the Court

- Referrals from neighbours, friends, family members, well wishers

- Referrals from other social work agencies

- Walk In

How can I contact the Probation Unit?

You can click here to obtain contact information on the Probation Unit of the Department of Social Services.


Is there further information on the Probation Unit?

Yes. You can click here to obtain further information on the Probation Unit.