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Anticoagulation services - A new initiative in Tobago

Doctor Maxwell Adeyemi

By Doctor Maxwell Adeyemi

The anticoagulation clinic also known as the WARFAIN Clinic is now in full swing in Tobago. Although the clinic has been operational at the hospital for the past six years, what is new and commendable about this initiative, is the decentralisation of this clinic to the three enhanced health centres; Canaan, Scarborough and Roxborough, in an effort to bring the service closer to the public and reduce patient volume and wait times.

Dengue is your business and my business!

By maxwell adeyemi

Dr. MaxwellRecent upsurge in dengue fever incidents in some part of Trinidad has created heated debates in both islands. Whose responsibility is dengue? The government? Health authority? Corporate citizens or the community at large?

5 Keys to Safer Food

The following are 5 guidelines for safer food for food handlers: