Public Health FAQ

How are inspections done?

When conducting an inspection of a food business, day care center, preschool or any premises for the purpose of ensuring vector control and the public health


We will:

Only carry out such inspections after identifying or introducing ourslves (using and Identification Card) to either owner, managment or an employee.

Accurately recording our findings by note taking.


When an inspection is complete you can expect us to:

  • Issue your food registration one week after the inspection if your business passes.
  • Give you verbal and written notification immedicately or within one week after inspection if you are in violation of any Public Health Laws
  • Make recommendations for you to make improvements and give a reasonable time-frame for you to complete corrective steps.


How are Public Health Activities done?

Before conducting any Public Health activity that would affect a particular group, sector, community or the general public we will:

  • Make announcements in advance of the scheduled activity.
  • Provide information about precautions to be taken where applicable
  • Collaborae with other agencies where necessary before, during and after the scheduled activity


How can I apply for a Food Handlers certificate/permit?

Food Handlers sessions are held at PHSD's office, Signal Hill on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You will be required to do the following:

  • Bring along Medical Certificate
  • Two passport sized pictures and
  • Proper identification (ID card, DP or Passport)
  • Participate in a forty-(45) minutes food safety lecture once these are satisfactory, a certificate will be issued.

How do I determine if my business will be or should be inspected?

All establishments of Public Health importance are inspected at least twice per year.

What is the process and how long will it take to process for the approval of building plans and sub-division of lands after they are referred from Town and Country Planning Department?

This process takes approximately six (6) weeks after submission to the PUblic Health Services Department.


Will I be notified of an Inspection involving my business or community?

We will notify you if we need to make an appointment, for example, in the case of Building Plan Application, Completion Certificate or Water Application or in the case of the investigation of some nuisance complaint.


How do I make a complaint?

The Public Health Services Department's Public Health Inspectors has a responsibility to investigate all hazards that have the potential to negatively affect human health and the quality of life.  We are, therefore, committed to responding to any public health complaints make by members of the public.  To make such a report:

  • You may either make a complaint by telephone or visit our office at Signal Hill and in either case the relevant information will be recorded
  • You will be required to leave a contact number just in case we need more information
  • A Public Health Inspector will investigate your report within there (3) working days except in the event of a life threatening or emergency situation in which case the officer will act immediately


Where can I get further information?

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