Public Health Services
Orientation Held for Permanent List of Daily Paid, Public Health Workers

It was the first day of work for the new daily paid, public health workers
On 20th January, 2020, an orientation session was held for the first batch of daily paid, public health workers at the Fairfield Complex, Bacolet, Tobago. The one-day session gave the workers an overview of the Division, and informed them on the role of the Public Health Services Department, reporting lines, terms and conditions of employment, roles and responsibilities of employees, nutrition, health and wellness and anger management techniques.

Preventing the Flu through Education

Mr. Darren Moore-Sampson, Health Education Facilitator, show attendees to correct to cover a cough.
The staff of the Office of the County Medical Office of Health (O-CMOH) continued their health education efforts to educate the Tobago population on preventative measures of the flu, nutrition for persons with diabetes and hypertension, a food demonstration and proper hand washing techniques. These were some of the main topics which were presented at the Collis Hazel Conference Hall, Roxborough as the members of the Night Nurse Senior Activity Centre hosted a day of comradery and fun activity for the visiting members of the Princes Town Senior Citizen Centre on Tuesday 12th November, 2019.

Commemorating World Health Day 2019

A Public Health Education Officer explains the amount of sugar in drinking liquids at the Health Fair

World Health Day is observed annually on 7th April. This year's theme focused on 'Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere.' The Public Health Department, in the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development commemorated the international observance with a Health Fair and Exercise Exposition at the Gulf City Mall, Lowlands on Friday 12th April, 2019.

This is the second consecutive year in which the Public Health Department has hosted such an event with the aim of bringing health education and health access in the various forms to the public. Some of he organisation represented at the Fair included Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA), Purple Dragon Tobago, Soothing Hands Massage Therapy, the Public Health Department, and many others. Also, there was an open session for those interested in zumba and aerobics.

New Cesspool Tanker Commissioned for Use

The new cesspool tanker that was commissioned.

On Tuesday 26th March, 2019, the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, commissioned a new cesspool tanker at a brief ceremony at the Division’s Public Health Services Department, Signal Hill. This is the 10th new vehicle to be commissioned. On 22nd June, 2019, nine vehicles were commissioned for use, which included: 1 back hoe, 1 flatbed truck, 1 garbage compactor, 2 civilian buses, 2 double cab pick-up vans and 2 dump trucks.

The Honourable Kelvin Charles, Chief Secretary of Tobago House of Assembly; Councillor Dr. Agatha Carrington, Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development; Mrs. Dianne Baker-Henry, Administrator in the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development and Mr. Ricardo Bobb, Public Health Inspector IV at the Public Health Services Department were all in attendance and delivered brief remarks.

The salient points from the speeches urged the public health workers to operate the vehicles with due care, ensure they are properly maintained and deliver their public health service with the high level of quality that is being demanded by the public.

Reverend Nigel Daniel, Pastor of the Spring Garden Moravian Church was on hand to bless the vehicles.

The acquisition of this cesspool tanker improves the Division’s capacity to better respond to the numerous public health needs that emanate in our communities. This new cesspool tanker can accommodate more than double the capacity of liquid waste than the older cesspool tanker.

First Ever Epidemiological Study of Breast Cancer in Tobago Launched

From left: Councillor Dr. Agatha Carrington, Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development; Dr. Adana Llanos, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Rutgers School of Public Health and Cancer Institute of New Jersey; Mrs. Dianne Baker-Henry, Administrator in the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development and Mrs. Michelle Edwards-Benjamin, CEO (Ag.) TRHA.

“Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer amongst women worldwide, and it is the second most common cancer overall with 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer patients diagnosed in the world (2012). [It is estimated] that in 2018, there will be 260,000 new cases of breast cancer in women and more than 2,500 cases in men.” These were some of the statistics shared by the Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development Councillor Dr. Agatha Carrington during her remarks at the launch of the Breast Cancer Research Project in Tobago at the Division’s Conference Room today, Monday 10th December, 2018.

Project to Upgrade Plymouth Public Cemetery Launched

Councillor Dr. Carrington (3rd from right), Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development in discussion with the team of persons viewing the construction site.

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development in collaboration with the Area Representative for Plymouth / Golden lane launched the start of a project to upgrade the Plymouth Public Cemetery earlier today, 10th December, 2018 at the cemetery. Councillor Dr. Agatha Carrington, Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development in her remarks explained the necessity of the project and gave a summary of the scope of works. She said, “this project will be done in two phases…the first phase involves the construction of office space and pantry for the caretaker of the cemetery, washroom facilities for the public and a store room for tools.” Dr. Carrington explained that the facility needs to be maintained properly and as a result, the respective persons must be comfortable.

DHWFD and TRHA Observed Caribbean Wellness Day 2018

Some of the participants during the Zumba session at the observance of Caribbean Wellness Day 2018 at the Gulf City Mall, Lowlands.

productivity. This is geared toward aiding in any health promotion activity designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace, to improve health outcomes.


At the event, members of the public received FREE:

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar tests.
  • Weight and Body Mass Index measurements with nutritional counselling.
  • Massages and information on the benefits of massage therapy.
  • Eye examinations and information about eye care in the workplace.
  • Yoga lessons, reflexology and martial arts and information on how these can be used for stress management.
  • Information on how to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Samples of healthy vegetarian dishes and recipes on how to prepare these dishes.
  • Information on emergency preparedness.


There was also a Zumba Burnout with tokens for all participants and prizes for the youngest and oldest participants and the largest group. 

9 New Public Health Vehicles Commissioned to Service Tobago

Some of the newly commissioned vehicles for the Public Health department

Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development, Councillor Dr. Agatha Carrington urged the employees of the Public Health Department, who were in receipt of nine new vehicles, to recommit to improving performance for the benefit of all of Tobago, during a simple vehicle commissioning ceremony at the Division’s Public Health Services Department at Signal Hill on Friday 22nd June, 2018.

CMOH hosts BASHH Training

Presenter Ms. Claudette Francis interacts with participants at the training

The HIV/ AIDS Coordinating Unit, of the Ministry of Health, received the support of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) to host the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) Training on STIs and HIV. The Tobago leg of the training was held at the Magdalena Grand Conference Room on 16th and 17th September, 2017 in collaboration with the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development and the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA).

The aim of the 2-day training was to equip participants with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to effectively manage STIs and HIV to improve retention in care and loss to follow up. The target audience included Primary Care clinical staff, HIV and STI clinics including specialist staff such as social workers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses and social workers; and front-line clinic staff in Maternal and Child health.
Participants were awarded Certificates from the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV.

CARPHA training for Public Health staff

Some of the Public Health staff during their Insecticide Resistance training, hosted by CARPHA.
The employees of the Public Health Department, under the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development, in particular, those at the Perifocal Unit and the Public Health Officers, were recently engaged in an Insecticide Resistance training at the Public Health Department, hosted by The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Trainer, Mr. Rajesh Ragoo, indicated that the purpose for the training was to test if the mosquito and larvae were effectively being eradicated by the chemicals used, this in response to ZIKA and identifying control methods.

The four day long training session was both in classroom and very practical with a great focus o that of the Aedes egypti mosquito and its larvae. The trainees learnt how to assemble different types of tests and three methods of Bottle Bio-Assay, WHO-Cup and WHO Chamber.

CMOH, Gender Unit observes IWD

Self defence demonstration by members of Purple Dragon International

The Office of the County Medical Office of Health C.M.O.H, led by Dr. Tiffany Hoyte, County Medical Officer of Health (Ag.), in collaboration with the Gender Affairs Unit of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development commemorated International Women’s Day at the Lecture Room, Scarborough General Hospital on Wednesday 22nd March, 2017. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8th March.
Speaking to an audience of predominantly females, particularly students from the Technical Centre for Persons with Disability (TecVoc), Happy Haven and clients from the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), Dr. Tiffany Hoyte in her opening remarks made a call to action for gender equality and highlighted the theme for the observance ‘Be Bold for Change.’
Mr. Nigel Phillips, Gender Officer in the Gender Affairs Unit offered words of encouragement and gave the commitment of the Gender Unit to continue to strive for the betterment of all women in Tobago, whilst Ms. NJale Douglas, Social Worker attached to the Community Social Services Unit, through a video and live interaction with the audience, reiterated that violence against anyone, not just women, was wrong that we should all make an effort to stop the violence.
‘We must think positive of ourselves and be bold for change.’ This was the message left by Ms. Sherla McKenzie, Manager of the Women’s Empowerment and Technological Centre (WeTec) as she informed the listeners of the different types of abuse. She also encouraged everyone who needed help in a violent situation to firstly think positively of themselves. She asserted that this is a critical step in the process of getting help.
The afternoon’s proceedings ended with a live self-defence demonstration by representatives from the Purple Dragon International led by Shihan Anthony Thompson, who supported the cause of women defending themselves and freeing themselves from violent situations.

Zika Fact Sheet

The Division of Health and Social Services brings to you some information on the Zika Virus, otherwise referred to as ZikV. To date there are no reprted cases of this virus on the island of Tobago, and through continued efforts from the Division, its stakeholders and other organisations we hope that the public continues in its practices to eradicate the breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mostquito and prevent its spread.

In an effort to educate the public of this issue of national concern, here is a Fact Sheet on the Zika Virus.

Community walk-about in Charlotteville

Teams from Public Health and CEPEP walk about in the Charlotteville area
The Public Health department led the second community walk-about in the Chalotteville area on Monday 29th February, 2016 as part of the 'Tobago Preparedness Programme.' This programme was a collaborative effort with the CEPEP Unit with teams from the Windward district.

Members of the teams spoke with villagers on the proper ways to store water and the importance of disposing of receptacles that may store unwanted water which contribute to the breeding of mosquitoes. Brochures, pamphlets and other information regarding the mosquito-borne diseases were given to the residents of the community.

The 'Tobago Preparedness Programme' is an effort of the Division of Health and Social Services to educate the public on measures which can be adopted to keep one's environment clean. The members of the Public Health deparment and the CEPEP Unit's, Windward district were pleased with the overall efforts of the residents of the Charlotteville community in keeping their area clean.

Public Health's Tyre shredding exercise

Workers operate the tyre shredding machine which was loan from SWMCOL
On Friday 25th February, 2016 the Public Health department of the Division of Health and Social Services ended their tyre collection drive with a shredding exercise at the Stdley Park Waste Facility. The response was so overwhelming that it exceeded the initial estimate of 4000 tyres to be collected. The tyre collection drive was an on-going one which started in November 2015.

The operation was part of the Public Health Services department's waste minimization project which is also in keeping with the Division's response in dealing with mosquito-borne diseases including dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses.

The tyre-shredding machine was on loan from the SWMCOL which spent one week on the island and the shredded material will then be used to cover the waste at the landfill site. 

First community walk-about

A Perofical worker taking a sample of water stored i an unused tyre.
On Monday 15th February, 2016, the Secretary of Health and Social Services Assemblyman Claudia Groome-Duke led a team of workers from the Public Health department, the CEPEP Unit and the County Medical Office of Health on a walk-about through the Darrel Spring community for the trial run of the 'Tobago Preparedness Programme.'

Don't Get Bite!

The DHSS Health campaign for the Zika Virus
The Zika Virus, a mosquito borne virus, is currently affecting many countries in the western hemisphere, in particular South America, Central America and the islands of the Caribbean. To date, there are no confirmed reports of persons affected with the disease in Trinidad and Tobago. The Division of Health and Social Services in its campaign 'Don't Get Bite!' is advising the public on measures which can be taken in one's environment to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and to control and rid of the spread of such diseases.

DHSS meets with Fourth State Energy company

Photograph taken after discussions with DHSS and representatives from Fourth State Energy Company
On Monday 20th April, 2014, the Secretary of Health and Social Services Assemblyman Claudia Groome-Duke met with representatives of Fourth State Energy, a Canada based company aimed at transforming waste into clean, green and sustainable energy using plasma gasification technology. Also present at this meeting was Mr. Benjamin (right) of the Chief Secretary's Office and Mr. David Harewood (left) PHI IV of the Public Health Department.

Orientation of 50 new employees

A cross section of the new employees at the orientation

On Friday 10th October, 2014, the Public Health Department of the Division of Health and Social Services held an orientation session for 50 new employees at Shaw Park, Tobago. Present at the session was Ms. Agnes Winchester, Administrator of the DHSS, Mr Ricardo Bobb, Public Health Inspector 111 of the Public Health Services Department, Ms Laverre Brown, HRO 11 at the DHSS and Mrs. Lydia Peters and Mr. Garrick Thomas, representatives from the National Union of Government and Federated Workers (N.U.G.F.W).

The new employees were advised on what they can expect under the Public Health Department and also the importance of their new role in securing and maintaing a healthy Tobago. The DHSS welcomes the new members of staff and it is hoped that they will learn and make meaningful contributions to the Division. 

Public Health's Chik-V bus on the move

Chik-V Bus on the move
The Public Health Department, under The Division of Health and Social Services, began a campaign to educate and inform the people of Tobago about what measures can be done in order to eliminate the breeding of the aedes aegypti mosquito. This breed of mosquito is primarily responsible for spreading the Chikungunya virus, commonly referred to as Chik-V virus, and the Dengue virus.

The bus draped with the slogan for the campaign "Don't Get Bite!" can be seen throughout the communities of Tobago with employees from the Public Health Department and the Tobago Regional Health Authority. They are committed to informing members of the public and sensitizing all citizens of the negative effects that can result from these viruses. 

Armed with brochures, guidelines and measures for a mosquito-free home and community, the staff of the Division of Health and Social Services is here to ensure that the residents of Tobago are equipped to protect themselves from the Chikunguya disease.

White Waste Collection

The Department of Public Health continues its White Waste Collection throughout Tobago from Monday 28th July, 2014 to Tuesday 5th August, 2014. The schedule is as follows:

- Monday 28th July, 2014     -     Charlotteville to Calder Hall

- Thursday 31st July, 2014   -     L'anse Fourmi to Scarborough inclusive of Mt. Thomas, Les                                                      Coteaux, Arnos Vale, Mt. Grace, Idle Wild, Glen Road, Pump                                                    Mill, Darrell Spring

- Tuesday 5th August, 2014 -     Bon-Accord to Lower Scarborough, Shirvan to Plymouth. Whim                                                inclusive of Buccoo, Bethel, Black Rock, Patience Hill, Signal                                                    Hill, Spring Garden

DHSS Walk-a-thon and Treasure Hunt

Participants during the warm down session.
On Saturday 12th April, 2014 the Public Health department, under the Division of Health and Social Services, hosted a Walk-a-thon and Teasure Hunt.

White Waste Collection Schedule

The Division of Health and Social Services, Public Health Services Department will continue its Clean-up Programme throughout Tobago from Monday 10the February, 2014 to Monday 17th February, 2014 during the hours of 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.



Public Notice
The Public is hereby notified that all Food Badges will now be issued by appointments only. Food  Badge Registration sessions will be held on Thursdays from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. Food Handlers are asked to call 639-1433 for an appointments date.

New Applicants will require:

- A Medical Certificate from a Medical Practitioner 

- Two (2) Passport size photographs

- One form of photo identification

- TT$20.00 for payment of food badge


- A Medical Certificate from a Medical Practitioner

- One (1) Passport size photograph
- TT$20.00 for payment of food badge

ALL APPLICANTS must attend an information session before food badges are issued and are advised to be on time to facilitate the smooth conduct of these sessions. 

Influenza Alert

NOTICE: Public Health Relocation


Effective Thursday 8th November 2012, The Office of the County Medical Officer of Health and the Public Health Services Unit, would be relocated to the old Scarborough Health Centre, Robinson St. Scarborough, behind the Scarborough Fire Station.


DHSS Embarks on a Clean Up Campaign

Public Health Services DepartmentFrom June 2012 to November 2012, Public Health Officers from the Division of Health and Social Services, Tobago will be engaging in an island wide clean-up campaign. The aim of this clean-up campaign is to reduce of the threat of contracting Dengue by removing or eliminating the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes, especially the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

Dengue Watch Campaign

A DHSS Fogging ExerciseTRHA and the DHSS have embarked on a "No mosquitoes No Dengue" campaign, with the twofold intention of sensitizing the public about the hazard posed by mosquitoes and the risk of untreated dengue infection.