Orientation Held for Permanent List of Daily Paid, Public Health Workers

It was the first day of work for the new daily paid, public health workersIt was the first day of work for the new daily paid, public health workers
On 20th January, 2020, an orientation session was held for the first batch of daily paid, public health workers at the Fairfield Complex, Bacolet, Tobago. The one-day session gave the workers an overview of the Division, and informed them on the role of the Public Health Services Department, reporting lines, terms and conditions of employment, roles and responsibilities of employees, nutrition, health and wellness and anger management techniques.

In her brief remarks to the workers, Mrs. Dianne Baker-Henry began by conveying the importance of the Division. She said “Health is so important that all the other Divisions need us…if you’re not healthy, you cannot build roads, learn or do anything else.” She added that without a robust Public Health Department, the island will face critical Public Health issues.

Mrs. Baker Henry then went on to encourage the workers in several ways to deliver excellent work, adopting and exhibiting good working practices. Mrs. Baker-Henry stressed “this is no morning “wuk” to disappear after 7am, I encourage you to give 100% work for 100% pay.” She added, “if you know you don’t intend to give of your best, let us know now because we want to get a good value for our investment.

Mrs. Baker-Henry further explained that though there may be a feeling among the citizenry that Public Health workers are unproductive, she encouraged the workers to “don’t blend in with the crowd but be the difference we all want to see in the working public in Tobago.” She ended by expressing that [despite the negative beliefs] “this is a beautiful opportunity to make a difference in our Tobago space.

This orientation session was held consequent to the signing of the agreement for the Permanent Cadre of Daily paid employees at the Public Health Services Department, for the period 2013 to 2019. The agreement upgraded two hundred and sixty (260) regular / casual workers to permanent status, with the respective benefits. The orientation sessions are being held in batches to ensure a proper and adequate orientation of each member of staff.


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