Disability Assistance Grant

What is the Disability Assistance Grant?

This is a monthly grant available to persons certified as disabled by a Certified Medical Officer.

How does a person qualify for Disability Assistance?

• The applicant must be between eighteen and sixty-five years of age

• A resident of Trinidad and Tobago for three (3) years preceding the date of the application (Periods of absence from the country must not total more than six months during those three years)

• Annual income must not exceed $3,600.00 TTD

• In the opinion of the Local Public Assistance Board, unable to earn their livelihood as a result of their disability

What are the required documents?

The documents to be submitted along with the application form are:

• Birth certificate and/or Affidavit

• National Identification Card

• Passport

• Bank Passbook

• Marriage Certificate (married women)

• National Insurance Information

• Certified Medical Report from a government medical officer


Where can I get further information?

Contact the Social Welfare Unit of the Department of Social Services for further information.