Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre (TREC)

The programme offered at T.R.E.C is referred to as a therapeutic community. It provides for treatment, rehabilitation and empowerment of individuals who have recognized their lives have become unmanageable and unproductive, and are seeking to pull themselves together. Having made this decision, persons have the option of six weeks, three months, nine months or twelve months programme with T.R.E.C. During this time they will be involved in a variety of activities including individual and group counselling, geared towards helping the person to help himself, as he strives to develop a better and more productive lifestyle. The serenity of the area provides the ideal therapeutic environment for the restoration of one's perspective on life, particularly a life that has been interrupted by episodes of dysfunction and dis- organization as with the misuse of alcohol and other drugs.


TREC is making it possible for persons whose lives have been troubled by the challenges of alcohol and drug misuse, to take that first step in a new direction. We are here to take your victory.

Aims of T.R.E.C

  • The main focus of the programme is to ensure that our clients acquire the capacity to return to the society taking their rightful place as positive and valuable to citizens.
  • Contributing to the upliftment of their families, community and the wider society.
  • Individuals will have the benefit of working with trained, professional counsellors as well as with persons in recovery who will have had similar experiences.
  • Provide spiritual guidance and create opportunities for our clients to improve their life and pro-vocational skills.
  • Our multi-faceted and multi- disciplinary approach offers the client greater potential for positive life changes.
  • Provide clients with a comprehensive after – care programme.

Objectives of T.R.E.C

  • The objective of the Tobago Rehabilitation and Empowerment Centre are:
  • Work closely with the family and loved ones of our clients to assist them through the period of the treatment and rehabilitation of their relatives.
  • Our Family support Groups will provide peer support., expert guidance and counselling
  • Individual family sessions with our Aftercare counsellors
  • Access to other relevant services.

Mission of the After- Care programme

  • Counselling
  • Vocational and skill training links
  • Assistance with re- employment, self – employment and avenues to acquire employment
  • Transnational housing and other social service support